3rd Evol Ecol PhD meeting 2019

Host-parasite interactions and ecological immunity

14th – 16th March 2019 in Bayreuth

For the 3rd Evolutionary Ecology PhD meeting the Reinhardt, McMahon, Armitage, Rolff, Wolinska, Petrusek, Vinkler and Otti labs from Dresden, Berlin, Bayreuth, Prague and Brno will convene in Bayreuth.

Accommodation and Venue

We will sleep at the Youth Hostel Bayreuth. After breakfast, we will head to the campus of the University of Bayreuth, where the talks will be given and the poster session will take place. Lunch will be in the Frischraum and Dinner is still in planning. But no worries there will be food and drinks!

Invited speakers

Tim Janicke – University of Montpellier, works on various aspects of sexual reproduction including sexual selection, sex allocation and inbreeding depression.

Olivia Roth – GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel, studies the coevolution of pregnancy in pipefish with the immune system, host-microbe and host-parasite interactions.

Preliminary programme

9:30Session 2 – TalksSession 5 – Talks
11:00ArrivalCoffee breakCoffee break
11:30ArrivalSession 3 – TalksSession 6 – Talks
14:00Meet & Greet
15:00Session 1 – Talks
Session 4 – Talks
16:00Session 1 – TalksCoffee break
16:30Session 1 – TalksPoster session
19:30Invited speaker –
Tim Janicke,
Uni Montpellier
Invited speaker –
Olivia Roth,

Final programme

General information


Thanks to the Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency, which is supporting our meeting, the registration fee for the Czech participants is 70 EUR and for the German participants 100 EUR all inclusive.


Talks will be a maximum of 20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion. I will have a MacBook and some laptop with a Microsoft OS available. But you can bring your own laptop. The seminar room has a VGN and HDMI plug. Just make sure you have a PDF and a .pptx version of your talk either on your computer or on a USB stick/drive.


Poster will be displayed in the Seminar room S59 throughout the meeting. Each poster has a unique number starting with P given in the abstract booklet. On the poster panels you will find those numbers and you should put your poster next to this number. Please put your poster as soon as possible after your arrival.

Poster session

The poster session will start directly after the last talk on the second day. Therefore, we urge the poster presenters to proceed quickly to their posters. To ease the pain of thirst and hunger for all attendees due to the lack of a break drinks and snacks will be provided at the poster session.


Internet access is available in the seminar room via eduroam. In the Youth Hostel I DON’T KNOW YET.


If you have any special dietary requirements or meal preferences and did not indicate so at the online registration: no worries! Please tell either me or Sara and we will sort you out.


To organise your trip, have a look at the following links:

Travel to Bayreuth by train or less CO2-friendly by coach or car.

Public transport in and around Bayreuth


Unfortunately, parking on the University Campus is for free and there is a lot of space.


If you have any questions, please ask me or Sara.

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Past meetings

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We thank the Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency for their support